Experience is King

"Although degrees and IT certifications can be great eye candy for a resume, experience is king. As you may have encountered, a lack of experience can be a major roadblock to getting interest from employers in your early years. "

10 New Social Media Scams to Watch Out For | CIO

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Scams on social networks are nothing new, but they're constantly changing to keep up with and take advantage of the latest apps, trends, and news. Here are some of the most recent scams that are making the rounds.

Intra-Team Competition and Motivation

Competition is good for a team when it is provided in a healthy way and allowed to spawn motivated team members.

Protection of IP rated higher than customer data | ZDNet

"The study...found that although there were more known data security breaches involving customer information, breaches concerning intellectual property took precedence when it came to increasing investment in security infrastructure."

MIT FastPass Arbiter | Network World

Network World article

It is interesting to see another technology which aims to speed communications within a datacenter.  Tests have been performed at Facebook's datacenter and documentation is forthcoming, but the prospects look good for this project so far.  Basically, an arbiter directs datacenter traffic in such a way as to increase flow rates through the datacenter even with the bump on the wire. 

Integrity in Sales

In my daily work, I am often on the phone with vendors or meeting with them in person for discussions over products that my organization owns or is interested in owning. In most cases, these meetings are mutually beneficial in that the sales engineer is able to show us something that we might decide to purchase while we are able to get more insight into a particular offering from that company. However, many times, these meetings are completely frustrating and lead one to feel like cutting all ties with said vendor.

Who Is Touching Your Configuration Files?

In an enterprise environment with thousands of servers, who has time to constantly review configuration files to see if they have been modified?  If you have managed a large number of servers then you understand the importance of this issue.  Configuration files not only support your production environment.  Many of them are used to lock down your system to prevent unauthorized access.  You simply do not want to have people editing files that are crucial to your business services.

NTP - Network Time Protocol

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely used to synchronize
computer clocks in the Internet. This document describes NTP version
4 (NTPv4), which is backwards compatible with NTP version 3 (NTPv3),
described in RFC 1305, as well as previous versions of the protocol.
NTPv4 includes a modified protocol header to accommodate the Internet
Protocol version 6 address family. NTPv4 includes fundamental
improvements in the mitigation and discipline algorithms that extend


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